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We will include phone screening before appointments, whereas individuals can attest they are symptom-free prior to their acupuncture appointment: no fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell.

If necessary, we will ask you to reschedule your appointment for a later date.

We will also be staggering folks in order to avoid having people gather in the waiting room simultaneously. You will also have to stay in your vehicle or outside the building until you have been advised to enter the building.

You will then have to wash your hands and wear a mask during the entire time you spend with us.

Items that could become vectors in our office like magazines, water cooler dispenser, and children’s toys have been removed from the waiting room.

As far as precautions in the practice go, the practice continues to follow the highest quality standards. Our cleaning protocols are in place in order to keep everyone safe. At our office, you can expect the following:

  • Practitioners wash their hands before and after each treatment and use paper towels to open and close doors.
  • We regularly disinfect all surfaces including tables, face cradles, doorknobs, and have all necessary supplies required to accomplish this.
  • When necessary we will wear gloves during your treatment.
  • Linens are only used one time and laundered at a professional facility.
  • We use singular use face cradle covers.
  • We use lab coats/scrubs to prevent unnecessary exposures and to keep you safe.
  • Practitioners wear facemasks and eyeshields at all times.

Most importantly, the office is equipped with a fresh air exchange because the air quality in our building is of extreme importance. The HVAC system, in addition to having an 85% clean air exchange, is treated with electrostatic disinfecting treatment that clings to the coil surface, killing the virus, without imparting itself to the air. We also open the windows in rooms with such capabilities.

If necessary, we have a separate entrance away from the waiting room that goes directly into our treatment rooms.

If you would prefer to remain in contact via telehealth please contact our office. For those of you whose insurance covers acupuncture, we can bill your insurance directly. Pursuant the insurance company does not cover the telehealth appointment, we can arrange payment for the future if you have financial hardship.

If you have any questions and want to make an appointment call: 413-585-0606.

Here to keep us all healthy,
Marta Martinez, Lic Ac, DAIH, Director
your local doctor of acupuncture and integrative health

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