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Marianna Frantz has been passionate about Bodywork for 36 years–having private practices in MD, CO, and MA.  She entered the field as a Certified (and MA licensed) Massage Therapist, graduating from Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, D.C. in 1981.  Then she added the energetic component with a Reiki II Certification studying with Ethel Lombardi and Linda Keiser Martis. The third certification that completes Marianna’s philosophy and hands-on-work is the TRAGER psychophysical Integration work developed by Dr. Milton Trager. This is a movement re-education modality that allows her to do deep/soas/soul exploration that feels gentle and non-intrusive.  The vibration/rocking/elongation and scooping of tissue is playful and allows patterns of pain to dissolve and adapt new patterns of ease.  A self-care aspect called Mentastics (mental gymnastics) also allows the client to participate in the integration and changes that are invited by this approach.

Marianna updates these certifications by taking continuing education hours each year to renew her professional status in AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) and USTA (United States Trager Association).  Therefore, her work is always being newly informed.

Marianna’s first degree in Sociology and first career in Social Work plus her experience with Re-evaluation Counseling, and Siddha Yoga Meditation/Hatha Yoga/Tai Chi all add to the dimensions of mind/body/spirit emphasis that Marianna embodies in her work

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