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I have been seeing Marta at Stay in Touch for a few years for acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments.  She has helped me tremendously.  Marta has the knowledge and awareness to really help and heal people in a way that takes into consideration, not just your symptoms,  but all aspects of your life.  I noticed immediate changes in my body after the first treatment and am amazed at how far I have come in 1 month. Marta has helped me to reconnect with my body which has brought on a sense of empowerment and heightened well-being. I would recommend her and her practice, Stay in Touch, to anyone, anytime.  I feel very lucky to have found such a place and will continue to work with her and the Stay in Touch folks in the future.


As time has gone on there is no denying Parkinson’s is progressing, but very slowly.  With each new symptom, Marta adds to my treatments or makes suggestions to change my nutrition.  A typical symptom of Parkinson’s disease is the frightening feeling of cementing of your feet causing one to feel as if your body wants to move forward while your feet just won’t cooperate.  Marta has showed me ways to walk so that my balance is better and I won’t fall.  She has also taught me ways to work through my anxieties and stress.  In relieving these, I have less pain and increased feelings of hope.  Marta spends a lot of time reading and researching my condition and asks a lot of questions.  As a result of her care, I feel I have some control over what I am dealing with.  After her treatments, not only do I feel better physically, but mentally and emotionally.


I have been seeing Marta for acupuncture for many years.  She has helped me with chronic  neck and hip pain, acute pain with a broken wrist, and insomnia and  menstrual issues.   I feel the effects of a session for many days afterwards, particularly in an increase of energy and a sense of well being.  Marta is an intuitive and compassionate practitioner with a true gift for healing.


I’ve been a long time believer in Chinese medicine and have had acupuncture treatments from doctors on both coasts, but of the doctors none compare in my experience with Marta Martinez, who is a true healer. She cured me of a slipped disk with two treatments, and sciatica as well with just two treatments. The atmosphere she creates with her warmth and caring presence is an important adjunct to the healing process itself, and this is what she radiates.


‘Oh, that was a good one!’ Laughter is the best medicine. Marta’s knowledge, compassion and great sense of humor have helped me repeatedly recover from series of injuries and improve my health.


Marta is a talented healer who is incredibly knowledgeable about both western and eastern approaches to healing and medicine.  I was blessed to have her care after radical surgery and she was brilliant.  She helped me with post surgical lymph issues, heart rhythm dysfunction, lower back pain and more.  Every visit was a gift on my healing journey and Marta continually offered insights about my body and self care support and herbs that were incredibly helpful.

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