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As time has gone on there is no denying Parkinson’s is progressing, but very slowly.  With each new symptom, Marta adds to my treatments or makes suggestions to change my nutrition.  A typical symptom of Parkinson’s disease is the frightening feeling of cementing of your feet causing one to feel as if your body wants to move forward while your feet just won’t cooperate.  Marta has showed me ways to walk so that my balance is better and I won’t fall.  She has also taught me ways to work through my anxieties and stress.  In relieving these, I have less pain and increased feelings of hope.  Marta spends a lot of time reading and researching my condition and asks a lot of questions.  As a result of her care, I feel I have some control over what I am dealing with.  After her treatments, not only do I feel better physically, but mentally and emotionally.

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